Fragrance for the mindful

We live at the intersection of artistry and nostalgia developing fragrances for mindful individuals,

Our approach to fragrance making is a holistic one rooted in the belief that fragrance and our mental well-being are intertwined. Fragrance has the power to enhance experiences and sculpt our emotions, but its true power lies in marking the moments, stories, and chapters of our lives for us to revisit in the future.

The story

We started experimenting with fragrance in 2018 after we came across the art of fragrance making through a series of life changing events. We are brothers and self taught perfumers, bending our first batches by hand in small apartment. A year later we shared our first creations with friends, family, and our community of creatives, artists,, and athletes in Southern California. The following year we became the recipients of the Men’s Cologne of the year category by Beauty Innovation Awards, quickly appearing in GQ, ValetMag, and Uncrate shortly after. 

Since the beginning, we have refrained from paying influencers to promote our product.  We do our best to practice transparency and believe everybody should pay the same - regardless of clout. Our mission is to build a meaningful and mindful fragrance company, preferring to build slowly and intimately with the people who resonate with our brand before paying for endorsements from the those that don’t. Tomorrow shall be the same.


‘PHEROE’ [feh-row] originates from “Pharaohs” and “Pheromones”. In the early phases of our exploration, we discovered that ancient Egyptians valued fragrance for its ability to purify the body and mind.

Founded in 2018 by brothers Zico & Kyle, PHEROE's origins are woven from their multicultural upbringing. Raised by parents of mixed heritage, the brothers' formative years were marked by growing up internationally in Nigeria, Scotland, and Hong Kong before completing their education in the US. Frequent and extensive travel visiting family across South East Asia and Europe, added to the rich tapestry of experiences forming a deep appreciation for the various people and cultures that shape our world. Their memories and affinity for diversity lie at the heart of PHEROE and their global perspective.