The subtle cologne for guys on the move


Developed by two brothers and inspired by an unused collection of cologne, Pheroe was born out of the desire for a more frequent and lighter alternative. The difference? Subtlety. Pheroe won't stink up a room - it's unassuming - so you can wear it regularly to keep fresh letting only those closest to you in on your secret.


Want to try them all? Grab a set of all three for different occasions, or keep one on hand for the ultimate last minute gift.


We started with size in mind, engineering our bottle to easily fit inside your pocket. Pre-meeting freshness boost? Check. Happy hour re-up? Say no more. Feeling clean just became ridiculously easy.



Pheroe is hand blended in small batches with real oils sourced from around the wold - not traditional alcohol that dries up your skin. The benefit? Real nutrients, leaving your skin with nothing less than a well-deserved bath of vitamins.

Real Reviews From Verified Buyers

"Easy application, great packaging, and the ladies love it"

Cary C.


"Glad I found this gem. Smells great, easy to apply and hold onto with its convenient packaging and I have received a number of compliments. Definitely has become my new go to scent. Pro tip: purchase a bottle ASAP. Its price wont drill a hole in your wallet either and you will smell amazing!!!"

Jonathan C.


"Suave smell but subtle enough where it's not remotely in your (or others') face. As opposed to a cologne, I feel comfortable putting this on at any time of the day to smell and feel fresh. 10/10"

Zach B.


"I love wearing Pheroe after a shower. The scents are not over powering, but long lasting. I go to sleep smelling fresh, and wake up the same."

Rick A.


"Great scent, wife loves the fragrance"

Greg R.


"I bought all 3 and loved all of them. Love that I can carry it in my pocket and reapply throughout the day."

Paul W.


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