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4 hygienic habits to harness energy

Harness verb: control and make use of (natural resources), especially to produce energy. The habits we engrain throughout our day give our mind room to focus on...

Harness verbcontrol and make use of (natural resources), especially to produce energy.

The habits we engrain throughout our day give our mind room to focus on bigger picture items. Nobody likes to get caught up in the nitty gritty. By reducing the amount of attention required for mundane activities, we free up our mental energy to use elsewhere. The easiest way to better harness our energy? Put your hygienic habits on auto-pilot. You'll feel cleaner, more confident, and in control.


While not commonly thought of as hygienic, drinking water actually helps flush toxins from your system, promotes healthy bowel movements, and increases mental clarity. Your sweat may also even stink less. Dehydration can also leave guys feeling tired and lethargic which is why we've pinned it at #1 on our list. It's the beginning of feeling at the top of your game.

How much should you consume? That depends. Most doctors recommend close to 15 cups but keeping track can be challenging. My advice? Have 2 before you wake up (2), add 2 more with every meal (8), and drink a glass or two in-between meals (10-12). The remaining cups can be naturally consumed from your food intake (12-15)!


Showering is more than just washing, it's an opportunity to reset your body and they're not optional. Even on the laziest mornings, start your day with a cool shower to help rev up your engine and keep up with your personal hygiene. You’ll save time if you have to dash out for a quick errand or meet up with a friend, and you’ll feel better about yourself that you did it. Nobody likes a slob.

Make sure to use natural-based soaps or shampoos that avoid stripping away your body’s natural oils (spoiler, Pheroe body and shampoo soaps coming soon).


Depending on your preference, shaving is just one of those things that guys have to do on occasion. It doesn't matter what their style is, or if they grow facial hair out year-round. If you're going for that close-cropped stubble look, or you want your beard trimmed up every now and then, it's necessary that you keep up with shaving (at least) every few days. You might be tempted to simply stop shaving because hair just isn't coming in as thick as it used to when you were younger - that’s OK. The most important thing is to develop habit and stick to a routine. There are more  important things to worry about throughout your day rather than worrying or forgetting to shave.

4-Try a light cologne

We all know the guy at the office that sprayed one (or 5) too many spritzes of cologne in the morning. It gives you a headache. But if you’ve been reluctant to wear cologne because you don't know what smells good on you, or you fear becoming a certain stereotype, it's time to stop being afraid and take some risks. That fact is - women and men love a guy that smells good. 

Of course, not every cologne is created equally. There are extravagant high-end designer colognes that may be better suited for special occasions, or mass-produced run-of-the-mill copycats you’re probably best off avoiding altogether. The most important thing is to find a fragrance that showcases your style and fits into your daily routing - something that doesn’t last all day but can be easily reapplied whenever you need it. Bonus points if it’s made with natural oils. Try our quiz to discover yours.


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