500+ 5-Star Reviews

Say goodbye to wearing too much cologne.

Meet Pheroe, a cologne alternative designed to keep your scent dialed in at the perfect amount all the time

Alcohol-free formulas designed to reduce intensity & drying out your skin

Blended with natural oils for extra vitamins and nutrients your body will love

Discreet roll-on application for that sneaky mid-day or mid-date refresh

Easy to carry and compact in size to keep it with you on the go

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Over 500 5-Star Reviews

  • "Was a little skeptical when I ordered this but wow the scents are subtle and amazing. I normally don’t wear cologne because the odor is too heavy. These are perfect!"

    Mark A.

    Verified Buyer

  • “I wanted something subtle. Exactly what I wanted. The fragrance is so soothing and not at all loud.”

    Lokesh P.

    Verified Buyer

  • "I use it daily and it smells great but not overpowering. It is very subtle which is exactly what you want if you are using it every day."

    Scott K.

    Verified Buyer

  • "Pheroe fragrances are amazing. The scent lasts but it’s not overpowering."

    Alejandro H.

    Verified Buyer

  • "Nice scent. I"m definitely not a strong-cologne type of guy. Really enjoy that this is mild or moderate in strength of scent"

    Dave J.

    Verified Buyer

  • "I’ve been using the scent for about a year and love it. I am back on the site to order another"

    Tanner M.

    Verified Buyer

  • "Smells great all day, subtle, but noticed by many. Love it."

    Steven R.

    Verified Buyer

What is Pheroe?

Pheroe is a lightweight cologne alternative for the mindful. We removed the alcohol and harmful chemicals engineered to intensify most designer-grade products and then re-imagined what cologne would look like with natural oils instead. We call it daily-wear fragrance, but some of us simply refer to it as liquid gold.

Ingredients: MCT Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Fragrance, Marula Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Vitamin E. *USDA Organic Approved

Our fragrances are designed following The Clean at Sephora category requirement - a strict list prohibiting over 50 do-not-include ingredients linked to health issues.

#1 cologne alternative

We wanted something lighter

Dozens of bottles tested looking for a scent that toed the line between approachability, originality, and intensity. We couldn’t find one. So we designed them instead.

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  • Forest
    earthy // sweet // mossy

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    Black Currant




    Oak Moss


  • Ocean
    citrus // woody // spicy

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  • Savannah

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    White Cedar





  • Royal Oud
    citrus // OUD // woody

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    Amalfi Lemon







Do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples at this time. To combat this, we offer free shipping and a 7-day return or exchange policy.

Send it back within 7 days or exchange it for another.

Roll onto wrist and neck pulse points, rub in. For more potency, apply to forearms and chest

8 to 12 months with daily use

Yes, Pheroe contain trace amounts of allergens. We advise those with allergies to speak to a doctor before using our product.

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