The role of fragrance in our lives. A personal reflection from the founder.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the role of fragrance in our lives?

It took me years to come up with an answer of my own, even after creating this company. But my views have turned into a belief system and a driving force that keeps me returning to work on this project relentlessly day in and day out. It felt fitting that I should share them with you.

With fragrance, we can enhance a moment, set a mood, and express who we are; fragrance is deliberate. But more than that, it serves as a time capsule for our memories. Fragrance gives us a way to capture the present and revisit our past.

A timestamp of sorts.

Take the time when I got engaged. Each time I wear my Sovereign Garden, I'm brought back to the evening when I proposed to my wife. The same goes for her when she smells it on me. The setting and our emotions from that day are forever linked with the scents we wore that night.

Fragrance is memory.

Beyond our desire to craft extraordinary scents, this company is built on the belief that fragrance is linked to our mental well-being. Its way of nodding to the past gives each of us who use it a deeper ability to remember, cherish, and reflect on our fondest memories.

I call this philosophy "Mindful Fragrance," and it’s our company’s North Star.

Today, my brother and I manage PHEROE as a small family-run business outside of Los Angeles. We’re self-taught perfumers and have never taken a dollar of outside investment or paid an influencer to promote our product. We stick to our lane, preferring to build things slowly, intimately, and intentionally. Tomorrow will be no different.

The people responding to your emails? That's the two of us combing our inboxes every morning. We’re close to the ground and love getting to know the people who come across our product.

Feel free to drop a line by hitting the contact button below. Tell us about yourself, how you found us, or your connection to fragrance. We’d love to meet you and recommend your next time capsule.

Till next time,